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I'm having a minor case of writer's block, so I'm going to post an excerpt from the screenplay I've been writing with my friend Tim. Tires screech. Cut to a peaceful street. A couple of cars drive along slowly. suddenly, Arsenal’s Caddilac convertible roars by, swerving neatly to avoid the traffic. Start playing “78 rpm” by the Stiff Little Fingers in the background. The other cars pull over on to the sidewalk, braking hard. Twitch Yeah, Weej is taking us there now... Weej Left at the next light. Arsenal Got it. cut to: the car, looking from the hood. Arsenal is driving. Next to her is Weej, and then Tiffany. Rat, Zero, and Twitch are jammed in the back seat. Twitch is talking on a cell phone. Twitch ...Not even three yet, so we should have a little time. Uh-huh. OK. I’ll let her know. Thanks, Sin. Weej Don;t worry kids. Your mother is a tough la- Zero Don’t talk about my mum, you... you treacherous GRIT! She- Twitch Zero! Listen up. Message for you. Emma, from your band? Arsenal pulls the car into a sharp left turn through a red light. The tires screech and a cacophony of horns complain but she pulls through without hitting anyone. Arsenal Hold tight, everyone. It’ll be getting a little thrilling in a mo’! Close up on Arsenal’s foot. it slams the gas pedal to the floor. cut to: a straightaway. loose newspapers litter the road. they zoom by at full speed. Zero and Rat whoop and Tiffany screams lightly. Twitch You missed practice-- Bloody hell, Arsenal! You drive like Da! cut to: back street. orange cones mark off one lane where a large truck is backing up, being guided by a guy in a hardhat waving. Twitch (V.O.) Gig tonight at nine? cut back to the car. Tiffany is panicking and trying to claw her way across Weej, who is somewhat stunned. Arsenal is concentrating on the road, but obviously pissed off. Tiffany You crazy bitch! You’re going to get us all killed! Arsenal (tightly) Get ‘er off me, Weej. Now. close up on the steering wheel. Tiffany’s arm shoots across and slams the wheel hard left. cut to: the truck on the back street. the guy in the hardhat dives for safety. cut to: hood. Arsenal nails a well-place punch to Tiffany’s jaw while trying to regain control of the car. Orange cones fly.
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Today was a really really good day. I woke up at a reasonable hour, worked the morning away, goofed off for the afternoon, and had my first choir practice of the year, and we didn't sound too bad. Practice was followed by a party at our organist/choirmaster Mr. Webster's house, where the coke flowed like water and the pizza passed around like... something else, I dunno how to fill that one. The only slight offset was that I rode to and from the party with my fellow choristers. They're great guys and really fun to hang out with, but behind the wheel they're like extras from The Fast and the Furious. That, and whenever I'm going fast in a car in an urban area I get hysterical for some wierd reason. So I ride shotgun in an urban rollercoaster, giggling madly while simultaneously feeling terrified and exhilirated. Now I'm too wired to slep, thanks to caffiene, pizza, and adrenaline, so it's back to the arcade game emulators for me!
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I feel so much better after a good night's sleep. I heard the occasional memorial service on the radio today, which brought out the thoughts I typically get when I hear more 9/11 melodrama. They run something like: Yes, it's sad. But while I appreciate memorial services and such, I also feel compelled to point out that it's not an excuse to bomb the crap out of the neighbors of various terrorists, and that perpetually licking wounds only builds up more anger and resentment at a vague and indistinct group of "evil" peple who are only doing what they feel pride- and honor-bound to do. Fury and resentment are prime reasons that the U.S. has used for various other acts of violence such as Vietnam, and the firebombing of Dresden. Now I'm not trying to justify Al' Qaida or any other terrorist group or any government for that matter, but to point out that there are better ways to get your point across in the first place, no matter which position you're at. Now, I'd like to apologize to those who may have taken offense at this post; I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I just wanted to put my two cents in, and so, having done that, I'm going to go stay up late playing video games.
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I have loads of excuses for not blogging for a months, but they all sound lame and crappy so I'll spare you. So... Last month I had choir camp up in Wisconsin, which was really awesome. Singing evey day, and being around some really close friends out in the middle of nowhere... So that lasted a week, after which I quickly resumed my normal routine of goofing off and working, in alternating swings. That's when I packed back up and headed out east with three objectives: 1)relax on a Nantucket beach, 2) drop off my brother at college, and 3) rendezvouz with fellow bloggers Halley and Steve Himmer. We (The aforementioned, plus the rest of my family) met in the Boston Common, and had a nice long conversation (during which Halley threatened my life if I didnt whip myself into shape and start blogging again). All objectves were secured and I have since returned home, as of 5:20 CDT. There is an extremely condensed story of Si's August/early September. I'm sorry it's not more edifying, but I spent 12 hours in the car today and I'm not at my brightest. And I will try and keep up regular posts from now on. If not, Halley will be on the next flight to Chicago with an axe.
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