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I feel kinda out of the loop with Dad and everyone at the DIDW conference, but I did heartily enjoy Gary and Steve's accounts of Volvo guy. Still, things have been really life as usual here. It's like when you go early to a fireworks display to get good seats... And then you're stuck waiting there for an hour or two until the show actually starts. For me, fireworks include activities from sleeping over at friend's houses to a They Might Be Giants concert and a requiem service. So to fill the time, I goof off, I write movies, I write songs, and I look ahead and start examining colleges, the current highlight being Wheaton college in Massachusetts. After asking a high school friend of Dad's who lives nearby there his opinion, he gave me words of encouragement: "Bon Chance! (That means 'Take a chance with this bon bon' in French)" Tunes: "Big Balls", AC/DC; "Things I'll Never Say", Avril Lavigne
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My Life: the Movie is probably a really boring concept, and it won't work anyway, but for quite a while now I've fantasized about writing the quintessential teen movie. And when I say teen movie, I'm talking more John Hughes than sex jokes, but still I haven't seen a "teen movie" that really captures the essence of teenagerdom. John Hughes does well, but Happily Ever Afters just don't happen, and while dirty jokes are common, life is not all drugs, beer busts and sex. What is needed is to find the balance between the parties and good times and the gritty real life and downers. And since I seriously doubt anyone in Hollywood is going to come to the same conclusion (or at least won't expect it to sell), the burden falls to me. So I give you a piece of the beginning of a draft of the Quintessential Teen Movie. Fade in to sneakers plodding down a sidewalk. The sunlight splays across the pavement in mellow tones of yellow and orange. Circle around the feet a couple of times, then slowly look up along and past the worn jeans, up to the heavy backpack and t-shirt, and up into the face of a teenage boy. He has shaggy brown hair, small glasses, and a few pimples. He looks tired and slightly discouraged, his head drooping slightly. We watch him enter a duplex on a beautiful street. Inside, the house is badly in need of cleaning up. Things are strewn all over. He dumps his backpack on the floor. Boy (loudly) Hello! A muffled voice comes from upstairs. Voice (O.S.) Hey, honey! The boy pulls open a door and goes downstairs to the basement, which, while messy, is somewhat more organized: a pile of tapes surround the TV, a table is piled high with Legos, and one table in the corner has a computer with two prominent speakers, a printer, and other peripherals scattered around it. He sits down in front of the computer and , clicking, starts blaring loud music. He then leans back, closes his eyes, and breathes deeply. Suddenly he snaps up and begins typing rapidly.
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Lately I've been listening to a favorite song of mine, "Crawling in the Dark", by Hoobastank. The lyrics really get to me, the second verse most of all, especially when I'm feeling down and confused. "Help me carry on Assure me it's ok to use my heart and not my eyes to navigate the darkness Will the ending ever be coming sudenly? Will I ever get to see the ending to my story? Show me what it's for make me understand it I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answers Is there something more than what I've been handed I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answers" And I at least am crawling in the darkness, fumbling my way through this twisted obstacle course called Life. So far I've been lucky enough to find friends, other explorers groping their way also, but now we have each other to cling to and reassure ourselves and each other that we are not alone and not to be afraid of what is to come. Some may lose their hold and lose their way, but there are always willing hands waiting for them if they find their way back. Tunes "Crawling in the Dark", Hoobastank; "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Nirvana.
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